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Save 10% off your first order at Boss Club!

Boss Club's each kit comes with everything needed for an entrepreneurial experience: raw ingredients, packaging materials, advertising flyers, and a step-by-step curriculum. Perfect for ages 6-14!

Step 1: Choose Your Business - Choose from all-inclusive kits like homemade dog treats, luxury bath bombs, or even gourmet cake pops. Buy as a one-time purchase and then grab a refill kit when you're ready for more inventory. Perfect for ages 6-14!

Step 2: Launch Your Business - Each kit comes with everything needed to learn about starting a business: raw ingredients, packaging, advertising materials, and a step-by-step curriculum that guides the entire process. We've made it simple - just follow the instructions!

Step 3: Your Child Learns the Joy of Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurship is so much more than business - it's a method of teaching and learning confidence, people skills, and creativity. A Boss Club box is the perfect gift that gets your kids away from screens, teaches a valuable lesson, and is a whole lot of fun!


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